neuroATLANTIC partner - Qubiotech


Brief description of the entity

Qubiotech Health Intelligence is a medical imaging start-up dedicated to the development and commercialization of cloud software for improving the diagnostic of neurodegenerative diseases by means of advanced image processing. Our cloud platform provides quantitative and visual information of PET, SPECT and MRI images in few minutes, allowing natural integration within the clinical workflow. An easy web access fosters communication among different specialties physicians, reducing barriers for team work. Neurocloud helps to improve diagnostic confidence, reducing diagnosis subjectivity and improving time per patient

Activities and services offered

Expertise on developing and marketing medical imaging software

The differentiating value

Nuerocloud is a fully automatic cloud platform for porcessing medical imaging that is already in the market with many users and customers

Your role in neuroATLANTIC project

Bringing expertise in medical imaging and market surveillance

The results you expect to achieve

Better knowledge of state of the art clinical advances. Strategic information for improving our R+D pipeline

Your thoughts about the importance and the opportunity this project represents and your main goal by participating in it

Get good networking

Your thoughts about the impact that this project will have on the ecosystem

Probably it will be good for improving ecosystem networking

Contact Info

Daniel Fernández


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