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STAB VIDA Investigaçao e Serviços em Ciencias Biológicas, Lda

Brief description of the entity

Established in 2001, STAB VIDA is a Portuguese biotech SME with 25 employees and a line of products and services mainly dedicated mainly to genetics and genomics. Currently, its sales territory is spread out mainly throughout Portugal, Spain, UK, Italy, South America (Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) and Africa (Angola and Nigeria), including a client portfolio for NGS and “gold-standard” Sanger-sequencing of 20 clinical diagnostic laboratories/centers.

Activities and services offered

STAB VIDA has a vast experience with Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Fragment Analysis. Our laboratory also offers genetic tests such as paternity testing, species ID, bird sexing etc. As products, STAB VIDA offers polymerases and oligonucleotides synthesis and production of antibodies.

The differentiating value

Our mission is to be Your Easy Genetics Laboratory. Wherever you are based, we want to provide you (a patient, a doctor, a scientist, a veterinary professional or a student) an easily crossable bridge. We intend to create a fluid flow of your samples, data and information, supported by solid laboratories and high-qualify staff from STAB VIDA, always with the main purpose to give you the results you need.

Your role in neuroATLANTIC project

In neuroATLANTIC project, STAB VIDA will produce antibodies with both diagnostic and therapeutic application. Also, there will be an effort for the adaptation of Doctor Vida’s technology to create a point of care device for the early diagnostic of neurological and aging related diseases.

The results you expect to achieve

Successful adaptation of Doctor Vida’s technology for the early diagnostic of neurological diseases.

Your thoughts about the importance and the opportunity this project represents and your main goal by participating in it

The major benefit of this project, is the possibility to share knowledge between partners with different backgrounds, and establishing network that may lead to future collaborations..

Contact Info

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